Errinneh Ann Lawas, Erin or Ann to most of her closest friends, was born in the far far away beautiful land of 7107 islands that lies in Southeast Asia- Philippines.

Erin came from a family of doctors and engineers. At a very young age, she lost her father and lived far away from her mom who has to work and survive 8 children. In 1994, she migrated to the United States together with her mother.

She had to go back to the Philippines and finished her Bachelors Of Science in Commerce Major in Economics at the Pontifical University of University of Santo Tomas. Errinneh has been working for the County of Los Angeles for almost 20 years now. In 2008, she earned her Masters in Business Administration Degree at University if Phoenix. Errinneh was introduced to the Imperial Court of Los Angeles and Hollywood by joining the pageants.

Yearly she get more and more involved in the court thru volunteering to the Court’s other events.