The ICLAH is stepped in rich tradition of charitable giving, camp, fun, regality, and celebration of LGBTQ+ culture & includes the fight for human rights and equality. Due to the growth and development of the LGBTQ+ communities in 1996 a much heralded and long awaited unification of the Imperial Mother Court of Los Angeles and The Imperial Movie Capital Court of Hollywood was created to form a stronger and more powerful Imperial Council in which to serve the greater Los Angeles and Hollywood area. 

The Imperial Mother Court of Los Angeles was founded in 1970, and started as a beauty contest for female impersonators. It was the first imperial court organization founded in southern California. It was an organization intended to provide a different manner of fellowship and social gathering in the LGBTQ+ community.

The Imperial Court Contest became more popular and so widely attended by all sectors of our community that in 1974 we decided to organize the community leaders, charity fundraising co-chairs for each year were elected for the first time, by popular vote, as the Emperor and Empress.

The Imperial Movie Capital Court of Hollywood was founded in 1984 as a fundraising contest to start the organization “Aid for AIDS” and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1985. Initially Hollywood elected their monarchs through a contest where the candidates who raised the most money for charity won. This organization grew dramatically and raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity through plant auctions, yard sales, beer busts, drag shows, contests and an annual coronation and anniversary dinner.

Sense then, the Imperial Court of Los Angeles and Hollywood, with the support of Community Leaders such as Abbe Land, John Heilman and Jeffrey Prang; Mayors of West Hollywood, have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to many charities in our region.  Our Mission as The Imperial Court of Los Angeles and Hollywood is to work within the Imperial Court System and its traditions while continuing to serve our community of Los Angeles and Hollywood by raising money to support local charities.